Schumacher Hybrid Booster Series

Schumacher® Hybrid Booster Series

Schumacher Hybrid 1200 booster

Always at the forefront of the jumpstarting innovation, Schumacher will offer,  from Fall 2017 onwards, a brand new range of hybrid boosters. Enough to succeed in all your start attempts!

Available from Fall 2017, the brand new range of Schumacher® jump starters associates 2 advanced technologies in jump starting :

-        Ultracapacitors

-        Lithium-ion batteries

The technology of the ultracaps delivers an incomparable power at start, whereas the lithium battery ensures a fastest recharge in any circumstances.


The performance of the booster remain reliable for a very long time even in extreme temperatures (from -40°C to 65°C).

the charge of the unit is fast, easy and effective and can be declined in 3 ways:

-       Via the vehicle’s flat (even discharged down to 8V) battery (less than 2 minutes)

-       Via the 12V DC cigarette-lighter cable (less than 6 minutes)

-       Via the booster's back-up lithium battery (less than 6 minutes)

Besides of this, the safety and ergonomic aspects have been carefully studied: heavy-duty and fully insulated clamps, protection against short-circuits and reverse polarity, digital display showing capacitor charging level and the vehicle’s battery voltage. All those features insure a maximal comfort and pleasure of use.

As a conclusion the Schumacher Hybrid boosters provide a compact and lightweight solution while delivering optimal power in a total safety.

This innovative booster will initially be available in two versions:

-      Schumacher Hybrid 12V – 900A (Ref. 310900)

-      Schumacher Hybrid 12V – 1200A (Ref. 311200)

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Jump start of a 12V vehicle with Schumacher hybrid booster

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