Schumacher® Ultracap boosters

Schumacher® Ultracap boosters
Ultracap booster Schumacher

For several years now, the ultracap boosters have continuously been appearing on the market in order to offer an alternative to the traditional jump starters with lead-acid and lithium batteries.

The Schumacher ultracap boosters stand out thanks to the fact that they do not possess any batteries but ultracapacitors instead, which accumulate and hold an electrical charge that serves to jump start vehicles with or without battery.

A Schumacher ultracap booster is used exactly the same way as a traditional booster, except for the fact that the ultracapacitors are discharged  completely after several seconds. However, no need to panic because the ultracap booster charges up in less than 2 minutes via the battery (even discharged down to 8V) of the jump started vehicle for instance, or via the 12V DC cigarette plug.

The advantages are thus numerous:
-          Light and compact compared to the traditional boosters
-          Fast and nearly unlimited charging-cycle (up to one million of charging-cycles)
-          Use in extreme conditions (from -40°c to 65°C)

Here’s a video that demonstrates how the Schumacher ultracap booster works:

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