Military Jump Starter SOS Booster SOS Booster SOS 12/24V-6400/3200CA

booster batterie otan mobile 12 24V 6400 3200CA
Military Jump Starter SOS Booster
SOS 12/24V-6400/3200CA

NSN : 2990-13-121-2847

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 Vehicle 12/ 24V
Gasoline vert
Diesel vert
Type of recovery
Véhicules 12 et 24V: INTENSIF
Laborious starts, recovery of a vehicle with completely flat battery
Successive jump starts, several times during the day
Jump start of vehicles' fleets
Difficult conditions of use*

* Extreme conditions of use such as frost, extreme heat…

Type of vehicles to be jump started
 Battle tank
 Heavy civil engineering equipment
 New and second-hand truck
 New and second-hand bus and coach
 4Wd, jeeps, commercial vehicles
 Plane, 24V turbine jet, motor plane
 Boat, outboard
The correct use of a Ceteor Booster cannot cause any damage to the electronic of a vehicle..

Ceteor booster packs are perfectly compatible with hybrid vehicles.

Diesel motors up to*:
Power in HP
12V 24V
<125 150 175 250 300 350 500 100 250 500 1000 1500
carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2 carre-2
* Petrol motors are easier to start

carre-1  Normal
carre-2  Intensive

icone-ceteor Following the principle "who can do more can do less" our most powerful battery boosters can also be convenient for the applications covered by less powerful battery boosters with same voltage of our range.

Caution :
The circumstances/conditions when starting a vehicle depend of various parameters: vehicle’s condition, engine type (petrol or diesel) and power, presence of battery in vehicle or not, temperature, frequency of use ... Those influence the jump start’s facility.  Chart for your information - Manufacturer’s advice.


Technical specifications
Reference 960001K
Voltage 12/24V
Cranking Amps 6400/3200 A
Peak Amps 15550/7750 A
Nr of batteries 4
Starting cable length 1,95 m
Starting cable diameter 70 mm²
Type of clamps 850 A
Clamps length 215 mm
Clamps opening 54 mm
AC/DC* charger 7A
Cable to charge DC/12V bleu
12V Output 16 A
Reverse polarity signal vert
Internal fuse 500 A
Connector for auxiliary cables vert
Net weight 68,5 kg
Dimensions (cm) 47 x 34 x 97
Gross weight 73 kg
Packing dimensions (cm) 49,5 x 35,5 x 100,5
vert   Yes   

rouge   No   

jaune   Option   

bleu   Upon request

Standard equipment
The blue clamp is equipped with a led (lamp) for an easier and safer use, especially in the dark.
This booster is equipped with flat wheels wich make it the perfect tool for workshops, depots and parking lots.
Switch et buzzer SWITCH & BUZZER
This booster is equipped with a switch and a reverse polarity signal to improve security during use and a polarity reverse signal.
connecteur auxiliaire AUXILIARY CONNECTOR
This booster is equipped with a grey auxiliary connector to plug in specific auxiliary cables with NATO, Park plug, etc.

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