Starting boosters for the heavy goods sector

Jump Starters for trucks and lorries Ceteor's professional battery boosters are designed to provide breakdown assistance for all petrol or diesel heavy goods vehicles which have a flat battery, such as lorries, semitrailers, etc. They are essential tools for transport professionals, dealers and garages.

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Battery Booster Propulstation and SOS Booster 12/24V-2400/1200CA 
Intensive starting of all types of heavy goods vehicle, essential for heavy goods vehicle breakdown services – diesel engines of more than 1500 HP as booster.


booster batterie mobile sos pps 12-24V- 
SOS PPS 12-24 3200-1600

 These models are available in a 12/24 V version but also in 24 V or 12 V versions. For further information, contact usor consult the technical sheets below.

Technical sheet SOS 12V-2400CA
Technical sheet SOS 12V-3200CA
Technical sheet SOS 24V-1200CA
Technical sheet SOS 24V-1600CA
Technical sheet PROPULSTATION® 24V-1200CA
Technical sheet PROPULSTATION® 24V-1600CA 

The starting circumstances have a strong bearing on the choice of your booster and depend on several factors such as the general condition of the vehicle and the extent of discharging of its battery, the power of the engine, the type of fuel (diesel engines are more difficult to start), the temperature, the frequency of use of the booster, but also the design of the vehicle itself and of its electrical circuit.

* The models mentioned above are referred to as an indication only. If in doubt, choose the most powerful model or contact us.

A more powerful booster offers the following advantages:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater reliability
  • Longer autonomy
  • Longer service life

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