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Ceteor battery booster packs are professional jump starters for the recovery of all types of breakdown vehicles with a partially or completely flat battery.

Our comprehensive range of battery boosters will allow you to make every 6, 12, 24 or 28V, explosion or hybrid motor start. No matter if you face a battery breakdown on a car, truck, boat, construction equipment, industrial generator, tractor or aircraft; you will always find a Ceteor jump starter filling up your needs.

Light vehicles, cars, 4wd, vans, motorhomes
Light vehicles, cars, 4wd, vans, motorhomes

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The new SPI1224 - the charger that takes care of your 12 and 24V batteries !

For all 12V and 24V batteries and vehicles; includes 4 selection modes :

  1. 12V  Standard charging mode
  2. 24V – Standard charging mode
  3. 12V – Desulfation mode
  4. 24V – Desulfation mode


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