Ceteor Battery Boosters

Ceteor's starting boosters are designed for intensive professional use. As specialists in the field of battery boosters, we do our utmost to offer professionals of every sector powerful, reliable, innovative boosters.


The power of Ceteor's battery boosters is the result of careful selection of the best components in the world, chosen for their quality and their durability under intensive professional use.

Our pure lead batteries offer extremely high performance and can deliver energy at a very high amperage to start any type of vehicle, without any danger to the vehicle's electronics.

Powerful boosters, the guarantee of a 100% starting success rate.


Thanks to the power of our starting boosters, there is no need to stress the equipment on laborious starting, so premature wear of your booster is avoided. Furthermore, the available energy reserve permits a greater number of starting operations.

A reliable, powerful booster means greater efficiency, greater performance and greater convenience of use.


We are constantly searching for new technology to increase the power and improve the quality and reliability of our products.

Since our establishment in 1990, we have been able to refine our understanding of the market's needs. This is demonstrated by the constant development of innovative products and options.

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