ACCU-SMART Battery chargers


Gamme Chargeurs Accu-Smart 10A et 4A 

We have designed and developed a brand new generation of Accu-Smart®battery chargers to save and extend your batteries’ lifetime.

Accu-Smart® remains the most essential tool for all professional and private users having vehicles at a standstill, since it allows the charging of all types of lead batteries.

Once they are charged, the charger Accu-Smart® can stay connected to the batteries during long periods in order to keep them at 100% of their capacities and ensure a long lasting lifetime very easily.

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The new Accu-Smart® chargers have been developed to optimize the charging time and avoid overheating..


The new Accu-Smart® chargers are controlled by a microprocessor which manages the battery charging in 8 steps for more accuracy, safety and an extended battery lifetime.

Here are the 8 charging steps of the Accu-Smart® chargers:

8 steps 200x92

1. Battery analyze
2. Desulfation
3. Soft start
4. Bulk mode
5. Absorption
6. Monitoring
7. Float mode
8. Maintenance

Charging steps Accu-Smart


The professional casing of the Accu-Smart® chargers ensure a perfect ventilation of the device to ensure a proper functioning without overheating.

The Accu-Smart® are also protected against polarity reversion, sparks and have a safety shut-off function.

The unique “Thermal Runaway” technology analyzes and protects the battery during the whole charging process.

Battery 155x155

protection 155x155



Accu-Smart® battery chargers are developed to resist to shocks and are also equipped with a fixation hook, which makes them perfectly suitable for a professional work environment.

They are also delivered with accessories to make their use even easier :

Oeillets de connexion Accu Smart EYELETS

The connection eyelets are designed for a simple connection to the battery. The “Quick Connect” connector makes the user’s life easier for regular uses.

Pinces Crocodile Chargeur Accu Smart CROCODILE CLAMPS

For a universal connection to the battery terminals

Accu-Smart® NEW : 4 models for the charging of all your 12V batteries (AGM, standard lead-acid, gel, calcium, Start-Stop) :

Charger model

To recharge the batteries
of those vehicles

ACCU-SMART 12V-2A Motorbike, jet-ski, lawn tractor, quad-bike, car... 1,2Ah > 50 Ah  1.2Ah > 100 Ah 
ACCU-SMART 12V-4A Motorbike, jet-ski, lawn tractor, quad-bike, car, commercial vehicle, van, 4WD, all-road vehicle 7Ah > 100 Ah 7Ah > 160 Ah 
ACCU-SMART 12V-7A car, commercial vehicle, van, 4WD, all-road vehicle, tractor, boat 14Ah > 180 Ah 14Ah > 180 Ah
ACCU-SMART 12V-10A car, commercial vehicle, van, 4WD, all-road vehicle, tractor, yacht 20Ah> 230 Ah 20Ah > 230 Ah

Accusmart 12V vehicles' battery chargers

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