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Schumacher and Ceteor: a fusion of complementary companies

Schumacher and Ceteor is the natural association of complementary companies: Schumacher Electric Corporation, founded 70 years ago and Ceteor SPRL established in 1990 in Beauvechain in Belgium.

Headquartered in the Illinois, Schumacher Electric Corporation, is the leader on the US market of professional battery chargers and reaches a turnover of about 200 million USD. The company also develops various tools of power conversion for private and professional users.

The group Schumacher Electric Corporation consists of 6 production, distribution and R&D locations worldwide, among which Ceteor SPRL's premises in Harzé, situated in the Belgian Ardennes.

The union of both companies took place in 2015 when the Management of Schumacher Electric Corporation integrated and appointed Ceteor SPRL as the group’s European Headquarters, later being renamed Schumacher Europe.

Schumacher Electric has indeed been impressed and won over by the reliability of Ceteor’s products, its high-skilled team and the quality of its equipment and premises, as well as Ceteor’s strong reputation in the jump starters’ field earned throughout the years.

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Our mission :

Offering professional, powerful, reliable, user-friendly and innovating power conversion tools.

Schumacher Electric Corporation wishes to rely on the synergy and complementarities between both companies, by offering its customers a full range of professional, powerful, reliable, user-friendly and innovating power conversion tools.

The distribution of Schumacher® specific boosters, battery chargers and LED lights for the European market is provided by Schumacher Europe. In parallel, Schumacher Electric Corporation distributes the powerful and professional SOS Booster® and Propulstation® brands of battery packs in the United States. The latter brands keep on being designed and produced in Belgium.

Our philosophy :

Customer and quality first

Schumacher Europe’s customers can therefore benefit from all the advantages offered by a family- owned business active for several years on the European and World market: flexibility, competence and proximity. Those assets are supported by the global and solid structure of Schumacher Electric Corporation and its Research and Development centers located all over the world.

Always attentive to its customers’ needs, Schumacher constantly improves and innovates to offer always more powerful and performing products. As specialist of battery related products, Schumacher Europe’s team strives to offer an inimitable technical and commercial service, always at the service of their customers, whatever their needs may be, perpetuating the values and culture instilled by the founders of Ceteor


A bit of history

The activity of Ceteor SPRL related to jump starters started in 1992 by the importation of Canadian battery boosters and then American power packs. These jump starters were exclusively in 12V and therefore optimized for the North American markets.

As a consequence Ceteor SPRL started from the beginning its own production of battery jump starters adapted to the European market: more powerful models in order to jump start the numerous 12V diesel vehicles and also a range of 24V booster packs available for the heavy-duty sector.

In 2000, Ceteor SPRL decided to focus exclusively on the design, manufacturing and commercialization of its own complete range of jump starters: the SOS Booster.com®. The concept of booster packs has later been revolutionized with the creation of the new range of jump starters with charging station called PROPULSTATION®.

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