Automechanika Fair 2012

September 2012

Ceteor : Jump Start all 12V and 24V vehicles thanks to a perfectly charged booster
The company Ceteor will launch at Automechanika, taking place from 11th till 16th September in Frankfurt, its latest innovation within the Propulstation® range: the Propulstation® Mobile.

Booster de batterie - camion 24V

Propulstation®, when it is stored, it is charged
Unique and innovating concept on the market, the Propulstation® combines a powerful jump starter and a storing station that has the particularity to automatically recharge the booster’s batteries, in a recovery vehicle or in a workshop.  Propulstation® is specifically designed for recovery services, workshops, garage owners, mechanics and rental companies whether they are active in the automotive, heavy truck, bus or civil engineering sectors.
Equipped with large wheels, which provide easy movement on rough terrain, it is the ally of professionals working in parking lots, warehouses and depots also. Its third multidirectional wheel equipped with a brake ensures maneuverability and immobilization on an inclined surface.
Its ergonomic handles are designed to facilitate the movement of the booster in inclined and vertical positions, by pulling or pushing it.
Complementing the range, the mobile version of course inherits of all the advantages of the concept Propulstation®.

5 assets

•    Always 100% charged
Thanks to its storing station which is also used as automatic charger, the Propulstation always works at maximal charge
•    100% successful starts
This unique characteristic makes the Propulstation® the inevitable ally of all public work companies, as they can make several jump starts in a row the same day, while showing a maximal success rate.
•    Always in the right place
On the other hand, the integrated charging station of the Propulstation® also works as a fixed support for the booster and corresponds to a dedicated place in a vehicle or in the workshop. The user can therefore immediately find his booster.Thanks to its magnet connector, the booster stays perfectly maintained in its station, even in case of shocks in the vehicle.
•    A 3 times longer lifetime
The regular and automatic recharge of the batteries ensures a longer booster’s lifetime. It avoids lead sulfating which would lead to an irremediable loss of power and the premature battery failure.
•    Absolute pleasure of use
The professional can without limit of pleasure enjoy working with a reliable and efficient tool, always ready to use.
Maximal security
On the 12/24V model, a LED system indicates the voltage to select on the booster following the application, which rules out the risk of misuse. It is also equipped with a LED clamp for more secure interventions, even in the dark.
Ceteor jump starters can start vehicles up to 1500HP in extreme conditions from -30°C to +60°C. The most powerful models even have a NATO Stock Number (NSN) and are able to jump start battle tanks. These are the tools to wake all machines.

 camion pps

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