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Skydive Center

skydive spa logo

W. Delges, chairman of the Skydive Center.

« The Ceteor boosters are perfectly suited for the aviation »

The Skydive Center is a skydiving center offering tandem jumps with an instructor or discovery jumps supervised by two instructors. It is also the only real professional skydiving school in Belgium. The Skydive Center, which operates mainly on the airfield of Spa, organizes more than 30,000 jumps per year and has three turboprop aircraft.

Sometimes the planes are at a standstill for some time and the turbine needs to be restarted with a booster. Delges Werner, the chairman of Skydive Center, says: «We have acquired a Ceteor booster, first because the company has a range of products perfectly adapted to the technical characteristics of aviation». « In most cases, the boosters are indeed provided with a configuration in 24V, but Ceteor now offers also the configuration in 28V Ceteor, » says Delges. «This voltage is used to start the turbine at a starting temperature lower than 50 to 60 ° than if it was 24V » he adds.

« I am also attracted by the autonomy of Ceteor boosters with which we can achieve ten consecutive starts without having to recharge them, » says Delges. Finally, the chairman of Skydive Center appreciates the maneuverability of its booster, compactness and weight, all characteristics that make it easily transportable.


Have a look at the start of a SOCATA TBM 850 we did in collaboration with the Skydive Spa

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