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DA .Car, Brussels

da-carDA Car, founded 25 years ago is one of the largest breakdown and assistance companies in Belgium. The company has a fleet of one hundred vehicles and acts on motorcycles, cars, trucks or buses.

Battery troubleshooting constantly increasing

Since 2004, DA.Car has conducted nearly 25,000 repairs of batteries and the proportion of these repairs is increasing over the years to reach more than 7,000 repairs in 2010 (against 3,150 in 2008).

Inappropriate equipment: a source of expensive errors!

Initially, the company DA.Car used equipment available on tow trucks. Current outputs built on the side of the truck allowed troubleshoot stationary vehicles with 6m cables and non-insulated clamps.

However such equipment cannot be removed from the tow truck. And the truck cannot always be driven next to the place where the vehicle is stuck (like an underground parking, an inaccessible garage...). In addition, this does not include the risk of oxidation, intermittent contact, polarity inversion, etc. However, these connection errors can cause irreversible damage to electronics on the vehicles and result in complaints from customers, compensation, which means a loss for Da.Car.

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With the introduction of Ceteor Boosters, errors are reduced to nothing

In 2002, DA.Car has chosen to equip each tow with a Ceteor booster. The booster represented a much safer and handier than the on-board system of the tow, while ensuring sufficient power for starting. No more damage to the vehicle electronics has been observed.

However, there was a downside to the concept: users of the boosters did not necessarily take care of them, forgot them or forgot to put them to charge. However a booster that is not well charged is not effective and can lead to a failed intervention.

The PROPULSTATION® for 100% success

That is how the idea of a docking station which would keep the booster on charge in the vehicle intervention was born. First made in a “home made” way, Mr. Lacroix expressed his wish and after several months of research and development, the Propulstation® was born!

Since then, statistics showed that succeeding troubleshooting a disabled vehicle battery increased from 73.20% to 95.70%, with the balance due to a faulty battery. The troubleshooting being done without any damage to vehicle electronics, which was not necessarily the case with the fixed equipment in tow truck. The latter having anyway a higher price than buying a Propulstation®. Booster.

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