The new Mini 12V - 440CA: Small but tough!

How to jump start a 12V vehicule with a  Mini Booster

The Mini boosters 12V - 440CA  have been specially designed for private users and professionals who need to provide breakdown assistance on 12V vehicles in good condition.

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Ceteor battery booster packs are professional jump starters for the recovery of all types of breakdown vehicles with a partially or completely flat battery.

Our comprehensive range of battery boosters will allow you to make every 6, 12, 24 or 28V, explosion or hybrid motor start. No matter if you face a battery breakdown on a car, truck, boat, construction equipment, industrial generator, tractor or aircraft; you will always find a Ceteor jump starter filling up your needs.

Light vehicles, cars, 4wd, vans, motorhomes
Light vehicles, cars, 4wd, vans, motorhomes

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logo sosbooster SOS BOOSTER: Our world-famous and recognized professional jump starters for more than 15 years. The SOS Booster brand is made up with many models adapted to all professional uses to jump start all types of vehicles.
logo propulstation

STATION:our new brand of battery boosters equipped with a unique docking station. It revolutionizes boosters’ charging process and also the end-user’s life thanks to its assets:

1.      Always in the right place
2.      Always 100% charged
3.      100% successful starts
4.      A 3 times longer lifetime
5.      An absolute pleasure of use

 Logo Chargeurs Accu Smart

ACCU-SMART:  the battery chargers and maintainers Accu-Smart® are designed to recharge all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries. They are essential to all professionals and private users who want to increase the lifetime of their vehicle's battery

  • Ensures and increases the lifetime of batteries
  • Keeps the batteries at their top capacities
  • Ensures a perfectly safe recharge





For the first time ever we will be present at the Expomin trade show which takes place in Chili from 21st to 25th April 2014.

Expomin is the largest mining fair in Latin America and it welcomes every year more than 1600 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors. This will be an opportunity for us to present proudly all our “Made in Belgium” products.


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